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Sistema DryJect
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Alto Golf and Country Club (Portugal)
Under the old hollow tinning regime a time span of not less than one month could be anticipated before the greens were fully back to normal. Under the dryject method, whilst comparatively expensive, all the greens were treated in one day without any noticeable loss of putting quality. The input of sand was consistent and the incision marks left on the green soon healed. After the treatment, the greens were much firmer and quicker. Comments from knowledgeable golfers were favourable in comparing the old system with the new.

Colin Snape
Director of Alto Golf and Country Club – Algarve – Portugal
Former PGA Director – Inglaterra



Estádio Municipal do Entroncamento (Portugal)
The main reason for hiring a Dryject for this case was the innovative way of treating football pitches, thye rapid time of execution, and the references. The whole operation was carried out by qualified professionals within a deadline and with the expected results.

Municipal Stadium of Entroncamento, Portugal



Golf Agronomy International (USA)
The Dryject machine does a fin job of
aerating and injecting dry topdressing and/or soil amendments into the
turfgrass soil profile on greens, collars, approaches, tees and fairways to help modify the top soil layer and to also help accelerate the decomposition of thatch and organic matter. The turfgrass surface is playable immediately after the injection process making for happy golfers and head greenkeepers alike.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG
President & Consulting Agronomist



Muirfield Village Golf Club OH (USA)
Dryject sand injection has proven to be a very useful tool for helping us maintain ideal putting conditions. It’s something we will certainly continue as part of our ongoing maintenance program
Dryject aeration sand injection is tremendous. There’s nothing else like it.

Paul B Latshaw
Golf Course Superintendent, Muirfield Village Golf Club



The Timber at Toy (USA)
As far as appearance, you could see that we had aerated but due to the limited ball roll disruption there were no complaints from the customers. In return, we did not lower our rates like we normally do this time of year giving us an additional $6,000.00 over a two week period which paid for the service itself.

EM Todd Gribling
Golf course manager, Kemper Sports Mgnt / the Timber at Toy (USA)



Deal Golf & Country Club (USA)
With three machines working, we were able to get our greens smoothly in-play the same day. The bottom line is the DryJect method works great, and our members are happy we use it because the putting surface is playable right away.

Ângelo Petraglia
Golf Course Superintendent / Agronomist, Deal Golf & Country Club.