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Sistema DryJect
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DryJect is a revolutionary approach to soil aeration and soil amendment for golf course greens, tees, fairways and even sports fields. Contractors working with a patented technology inject large volumes of dry material into the soil profile leaving the surface immediately playable. Dryject can supplement core aeration or serve as a reasonable alternative.
As well, it is often used for soil modification.

Based on a patented Venturi vacuum technology, the DryJect aeration/sand injection technique adds a number of benefits not offered by alternative systems. With DryJect, large amounts of dry material fill each hole drawn into the hole by the powerful Venturi vacuum, or suction effect, generated by a burst of water moving at high speed into the soil profile.

The DryJect injection pattern ranges from 3” × 3” to 3” × 6” on the green surface, and creates an aeration/ sand injection hole that is approximately ½” in diameter and can be 7” deep.

The result is the unique technology is that every hole is filled to the surface and the putting surface I immediately playable. In addition, compaction is relived through a horizontal, fracturing and shattering effect that breaks through layering, the rootzone is amended, drainage is improved and labour requirements are minimized. It is a three dimensional effect aerating side to side, front to back even connecting hole to hole.

The system draws sand into the soil profile at a rate of from 3 cubic feet to 7 cubic feet per 1,000 square feet, depending on hole spacing. A typical 5,000 square foot green can be treated and ready for play in about one hour. DryJect is capable of injecting large volumes of a variety of dry materials into the soil structure, including sand/ top dressing, diatomaceous earth, calcined clay, granular insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, biologics and root stimulants. For root zone modification, DryJect can use about one ton of material per green.

DryJect has been used to help prepare for prestigious golf events at top courses such as Oakmont, Winged Foot, Merion, Oak Hill and Inverness, as well as for routine greens maintenance and improvements at Muirfield Village, Hamilton Farms, Philadelphia Country Club and many others.