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Sistema DryJect
Sistema DryJect
Save time with the new DryJect
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  • Get the benefits of a core aeration without the cleanup or the surface upset
  • Aerate, topdress and de-compacts the soil all in one operation.
  • Dilutes thatch
  • Firms up greens
  • Increases infiltrations rates.
  • Deep root injection of various materials can be achieved.   Turf Professionals can apply  soil amendments, insecticides, fertilizers or fungicides while rejuvenating the lawn with water.
  • No need for surfactants to aid in surface penetration.
  • Ability to change the actual soil profile.
  • The DryJect is multi-use.  It can be used for everything from aeration, to changing the soil profile, to deep root penetration around tree beds
  • Speed of work. 18 greens or 1 football pitch can be done in just one day.