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Passive Capillary Drain System removes water held in suspension in the capillary fringe of layered soils:

The system consists of an array of wettable capillary elements that are highly permeable, promoting both absorption and flow. As localized excess water is removed, soil moisture becomes more evenly distributed throughout the green. This aids in providing a consistent turf stand for easier turf management and improved playability.

Provides the opportunity to develop a healthy turf requiring less maintenance. Turf with a deeper, denser, root system that resists biotic and abiotic stress. A turf for which problems such as moss invasion, algae, and black layer are all significantly reduced if not eliminated. Chemical applications are minimized season after season as enhanced soil aeration increases microbial activity. For the life of the green this suction system works continuously to eliminate excess capillary water, without the use of electrical or mechanical devices. And its more affordable than alternative capillary drain systems because its applied only where needed on the green.

Flowick Advantages



Timed moisture release shows dramatic results. Graphics below illustrate a soil cross section,
3 feet wide by 16 inches deep, with DryJect™ inserts centered over the FloWick™. Green construction is “pushup” with a native soil sub base and a 4-inch sandy top-dressing layer. The color range shows soil moisture % over a 48-hour sequence following a1.3-inch rainfall. Insets show results for identical cross section without FloWick.