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First work with the Dryject in SPAIN

On May 8, 2006, Euroturf made its debut with the Dryject in Spain, at the El Paraiso golf course in Estepona, Marbella. In only one day all the greens of this course were aerated/topdressed with sand, using about 1.8 kg of sand per m2 in an area of approximately 11,000 m2.  During the Dryject operation the golf course never closed entirely, keeping at least 9 holes open for members to play.  That same day they were able to use the first 9 holes that had been aerated during the morning, and several members were kind enough to take  the time to congratulate us for the quality of our work.  Jaime Olano, Golf Course Superintendent of the El Paraiso golf course commented: “with the Dryject system of perforation we improved considerably the time of recovery of the greens, enabling them to be ready for play almost immediately”.

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